The best CRAs have transferable skills


What does it mean to have transferable skills and why does it matter for a Clinical Research Associate (CRA)?  We will explore these questions in our post today.

The Cambridge English Dictionary defines transferable skills as “skills used in one job or career that can also be used in another”.  Google quickly provides several lists of examples of transferable skills. For example, here, here, and here.

Transferable skills fall under domains such as: interpersonal, organizational, leadership, or communication, and include specific skills like the desire to learn and improve, the ability to articulate ideas verbally or in written form, and the skills to be diplomatic in personal interactions.  Sometimes called soft skills, they can be difficult to teach.  They have a quality of innateness, so in this sense they can be referred to as being hard-wired in an individual. Most of the direct skills of a job can be taught, whereas the transferable skills often cannot be.

A CRA’s role involves interacting with a variety of people, at different job levels and institutions, and can involve difficult conversations requiring the ability to develop rapport with many different types of people.  CRAs are expected to work well in a team at the same time as being able to work independently. They are expected to be problem-solvers, using creativity to identify solutions, while at the same time adhering to the guidelines and regulations that drive much of our industry.

Much of what a CRA does on a daily basis involves an intricate lattice of direct experience and transferable skills, making them an extremely valuable gift to bring to any employer.

Here at HCC, we look for people who have key transferable skills, like perceiving nonverbal messages and managing conflict, among many others. While direct experience is important, we feel that identifying and leveraging the transferable skillsets of our staff has allowed us to build a team that can reach both deep and broad. A team that can fill the necessary gaps in a clinical project. Ultimately, a team that can effectively problem solve to achieve high quality results, consistently.

If you are interested in sharing your transferable proficiencies with HCC, please contact us at the link below.

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