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Travel tip #4: Rental cars: are you covered?

In our previous Hart’s Voyagers series, we examined airport pre-check, administrative tools, and internet tools. Today, we are going to talk about rental car insurance.

Thankfully, the vast majority of business travel ends without the traveler having to give much thought to car rental insurance, but sometimes accidents do happen. If a deer jumps into your car on a dark highway or someone runs a red light, or any other numerous calamities happen, which can and do happen in a rental car—how do you know you won’t be personally on the hook?

Five ways to avoid scope creep in clinical trial execution

You’ve heard the story before. FDA has approved the protocol. The sponsor has contracted with a Clinical Research Organization (CRO) to initiate and manage their clinical trial sites and electronic data capture database. They’ve done everything in their Clinical Standard Operating Procedures to start their new trial. Then they start seeing delays with IRB approvals and enrollment. They start having to increase the time spent on site visits because some sites are having problems and need additional training. Because of the delays, management decides to add more sites, which may include a protocol amendment. The original deadline for study completion blows by and the budget explodes. What happened?